Republic of Atlantis
Physical Information
Location Eastern Hemisphere
Capital Atlantis
Form of Government Republic
Head of State de jure: Prince

de facto: High Council

The Serene Republic of Atlantis was once one of the most mighty states to dot the world. The island nation was one of the first Human political entities to take shape after the demise of the Elves. Its power grew, surpassing all Human kingdoms, safe for Ankoria.

As if cursed by the gods, Atlantis was eventually swallowed by the oceans, never to be seen again. Its mighty empire crumbled soon after, giving rise to most of the modern Human states.


Early history

Main article: Thalassa

According to most sources, the city of Atlantis was first founded by colonists who fled the Ankorian city of Rahenra. With the Ozoran War drawing to a close, these people fled their homeland, fearful of Ozoran aggression should Rahenra fall. These outlaw Ankorians, led by their Queen Alissar, stranded on the coast of the island known as Thalassa. On the ruins of an abandoned Elven outpost, they founded the city of Atlantis. In the beginning, they saw their city as the continuation of ancient Southern Ankorian traditions, but over time they severed their link with the past and started calling themselves Atlanteans.

Waves of Atlantean expansion

Main article: Atlantean expansion

Sinking of Atlantis

Foundig of the Empire of Atlantis

Main article: Empire of Atlantis



National Emblem


The emblem of the Republic of Atlantis is a triangle inscribed in a circle. Often, the triangle is accompanied by a trident. The triangle symbolizes the island of Atlantis, which is positioned in the sea, represented by the circle. The triangular depiction of Atlantis is often thought of as a stylistic representation of the letter ‘A’, signifying ‘Atlantis’. Another meaning could be more religiously orientated as the number 3 is considered sacred among the Atlantean people.


ATL Infantry-(1)

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