The Moorlands was a place near Ankoria, though it was in an eastern direction from it.  It was often foggy, which gave its nick-name, the mistlands. This was the place where, after Vladek's initial defeat, he hid and replenished in the harbouring caves near the southern moores, near where the blue river came from the mountains.

The highlight of the Mistlands was the Mistlands Tower.  This was where it was revealed that the King of Orlan resided and where any being could come upon and forge the greatest powers in Morcia.  Regardless, the tower was only found by King Jayko, Sir Kentis, and Sir Adric when Vladek and the Rogue Knights attacked.  That was the only know finding on the tower because of it's magical powers shielding the Tower from prying eyes.

Even though the Mistlands Tower was the highlight, it wasn't the only important location in the Moorlands.  One of the others was the Gargoyle Bridge, so strong were its powers that only three Morcian Knights are on record as passing through it.  It was guarded by a large iron gate and stone gargoyles that are rumored to be posessed or haunted.  The Rogue Knights attempted to bypass the tower by sailing their ship around it; they were promptly attacked by the Orlan Serpent near the Viking village.  Obvously, the bridge bordered the Blue River but because the bridge was unpassable after the battle of Ankoria and Morcia at the Mistlands Tower the only way out was the pass, the location of Battle at the Pass.

During the Battle at the Pass the Woodland Rangers aided the Morcian Army and nearly wiped out the Rogue Knights, but not quite.  Vladek was forced to retreat and fled into the unknown lands far beyond the Mistlands, it is said he still hides there and plots Morcia's demise to this day. 

In the aftermath of the battles, King Jayko returned to the Castle of Morcia and stood on his balcony surveying the lands.  It is said that as he gazed beyond the green iron hills he could just barely make out the silhouette of the Mistlands Tower and in his throne room there was a statue of the Orlan King, the founder of the Kingdom of Morcia nearly 500 years prior.  It is also said that King Jayko thought of the mysterous Blacksmith who resided in the Mistlands Tower and that he looked an awful lot like the statue of the Orlan King...

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